What is Sharing SMS?

We are used to renting real estate, cars, furniture and much more. The Share SMS platform allows you to rent incoming SMS from numbers in different countries. At the same time, calls and Internet remain with the owner of the SIM card.

Who rents telephone numbers and for what purposes?

There is an ever-growing need for temporary rental of numbers for various purposes.

Below are the most common examples of using rented numbers for SMS:

⚪ Registering an account on social networks and forums
⚪ Order confirmation on trading platforms
⚪ Authorization on banking websites and payment systems
⚪Organization of polls and voting
⚪ Registration for webinars
⚪ Authorization in online games and applications

What kind of earnings are possible?


The cost of renting one number is from 5 to 50 dollars per month (depending on the country and market demand).

Calculation example:
You purchase 10 used two-card phones (40 dollars each) with 20 SIM cards for 10 dollars. Total 10*40+20*10=600 dollars (one-time investment)

Every month you receive 10 dollars of rent for each SIM card. Only 200 dollars. In total, in 3 months you will fully recoup your investment and start earning $200 per month. At the same time, your phones remain with you. You can also sell them in case. if plans change.

ROI for 6 months = (Income $1200 - costs $600) / Costs $600 * 100% = 100%.

Are there many investment options with such conditions?

How to rent out SIM cards?

All you need to get started is a smartphone and a stable Internet connection.

Preparing for work


⚪ You need any Android phone (6.0 and above)
⚪ SIM cards with a minimum tariff (you only need to receive SMS)


⚪ Register on the site
⚪ Download the application

Adding a number

⚪ Add rooms for rent to the application. Rent will begin to accrue as soon as the room status changes from “Inactive” to “Active”.

⚪ From now on, you can track daily accruals for room rentals in your Personal Account. The website has calculator for calculating potential earnings.

Partner verification

The Share SMS platform protects the interests of both Partners (SIM card lessors) and Clients (SIM card renters). Therefore, for new Partners, after connecting numbers, “Number stability assessment mode" The platform tests room availability. If the check shows no availability incidents, the number is rented out and the Partner begins to earn


There is a monthly payment for the tariff plan, and it is different everywhere. Will this income be profitable?

As for the SIM card tariff plan, it does not matter to the system what tariff you have. Any tariff plan that allows you to receive incoming SMS will do.
Many operators do not require a monthly SIM card plan to receive incoming SMS.
Your reward for using a SIM card is calculated if the SIM card is active for 24 hours and there were no interruptions in the Internet connection while the Sharing SMS application was running.

What kind of connection should there be for permanent Internet, mobile (the main question here is the required number of gigabytes in the tariff plan) or Wi-fi?

It makes no difference to the application what type of Internet connection you use. Speed doesn't matter either. The main thing is stable and uninterrupted operation.
Both mobile Internet and Wi-fi are suitable.
The amount of traffic used by the application is minimal.

How will the payment to the landlord be calculated?

Each room has its own price. It depends on the country.
Payment to the lessor is calculated for each day of successful operation of the number (when the number can receive SMS uninterruptedly)
On the first day of each month, you receive the entire amount accumulated over the previous calendar month from all involved numbers.

I am a potential landlord. Where can I check whether it is profitable for me or not?

There is a price list that indicates the amount of payment for each number provided per day of active work.

Will the payment go to the landlord's account every time the number is used, or does it work differently?

Payments from the system to the landlord's USDT wallet are made monthly, at the beginning of the month. The payment is based on the performance of the landlord's rooms for the previous calendar month.

Which country's SIM cards are in greatest demand?

First of all, these are countries with growing economies: China, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Poland. Kazakhstan, UAE, Türkiye are in stable demand.

Can I use SIM cards from different countries?

It is possible provided there is a stable Internet connection. For incoming SMS there is no difference: the SIM card is in roaming or on the home network.

How do you pay for rented SIM cards?

When SIM cards switch to Active mode, daily rental payments begin. The balance is available in your Personal Account.

If SIM cards are unavailable for 1 hour (due to the phone being turned off or no Internet connection), no payment will be made for the current day. At the end of the month, payment is made to the details specified during registration.

Do I need to connect to mobile internet on my phone with the app?

It's not obligatory. But if the Internet connection is disconnected, the rent will be adjusted after the month.

Instructions for use

Install the application and follow the instructions


Create an account.


In your personal account, download the application (APK file) from the link.


Install the application on your Android device, providing the service with all the necessary permissions for stable operation.


Add and confirm in the application the numbers of SIM cards inserted into the phone.


No manual settings - everything is automatic.


The system automatically redirects all incoming SMS from various services to the added numbers.


Now you can receive a monthly cash reward.

The idea of creating a Share SMS platform

For 10 years, our company has been providing cloud telephony services. Modern business has a distributed structure and is focused on clients from different countries. Not every country has providers and operators that can satisfy the growing demand for virtual numbers. And even in those countries where such services are provided, their prices are often overpriced and the quality leaves much to be desired. In addition, connecting to the service often requires concluding an agreement and providing a large number of documents.

Technologies are constantly evolving, and now any user of an Android mobile phone with the Share SMS application can become a provider of such a service. The application allows anyone, even without special knowledge and equipment, to become a mini-provider of the “Virtual SMS Number” service. The Share SMS platform, on the one hand, ensures the transfer of SIM cards for rent, monitors the availability of numbers and the calculation of rent. On the other hand, it transfers the numbers to the appropriate services for selling virtual numbers and ensures timely payment for SMS rentals.

Conditions of cooperation and receipt of monetary reward:

  • You receive payments for each month of stable operation of the SIM card in the device;
  • The Internet connection must be stable. Please note that it should not be interrupted after the screen is locked;
  • The SIM card must be constantly in contact with the operator;
  • The application must run in the background (You need to configure it in the Android settings. Also make sure that the application's background activity control is disabled);
  • Responsibility for SIM card activity and Internet availability lies with the partner.

Why us?

We are a platform for providing SMS services for the monthly rental of your numbers.

There is a constant demand for renting numbers from different countries from end users from many partner sites. Our service combines number demand satisfaction with marketing effectiveness.

The minimum rental period for a number on our platform is one month, unlike services that carry out mass registrations through a number and require the partner to constantly change all numbers.

We guarantee payments if the number is used by the end client without failures or violations on the part of the tenant.

We make payments in USDT stablecoins, which makes it possible for a resident of any country in the world, located anywhere, to receive income.

Step-by-step instruction

How to start earning money using Sharing SMS?

Follow these step-by-step instructions:


Buy SIM card(s) from local telecom operators with a minimum package of prepaid services;


Install SIM cards on your device. Any smartphone running Android version 6 and higher will do. If necessary, purchase any budget option. A factory reset is optional;


Register an account;


In your personal account, download the application from the link (APK file);


Install the application on your device(s) and provide all necessary permissions for it to work correctly;


Add and check SIM card numbers in the application;


Register on Binance using the link to receive payouts. Check out Binance Academy if necessary;


Add your USDT wallet to your personal account profile to receive payments.

Installation Permissions
Note: To install the application, you must allow installation of applications from unknown sources in your Android settings.

+ Allow sending and viewing SMS messages;;
+ Allow to make and manage calls;
+ Allow sharing of device location data.


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